The world's most acclaimed vegan cheeses Ready for use in your restaurant, cafe, or catering business.

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Our unique artisan, rice based mozzarella alternative is available as a block for you to curate and craft your own products, using your desired cutting style. The cylindrical cheese fits perfectly into a standard vegetable preparation machines. Available in original, smoked or chilli flavours.




Perfect for burgers, sandwiches and bagels, our round sliced cheeses are available in original, smoked and chilli flavours.



Ideal for pizza, sandwiches, jacket potatoes or salads, our round grated cheese is available in original, smoked and chilli flavours.


Truffle Parm

Warning: Highly addictive parmesan alternative, infused with truffle. Why not sprinkle over your salad or pizza?



Our latest innovation is our spreadable cheese, which is the perfect accomplice to any bagel or sandwich.


Plant-based, all taste Mozzarella made with plants

We’ve been crafting and iterating upon our own mozzarella recipe for over 5 years. It’s been used on pizzas that have picked up awards at the World Pizza Championships and on a pizza that won National Pizza of the Year. Now it’s being used by restaurants, vegan or otherwise, that want to bring excellence to their plant-based menus.

Ideal for burgers, sandwiches, salads, paninis, lasagnes, and stirring into dishes. And it’s perfect for pizza too.

We provide our mozzarella in 1kg batches, ready to eat cold or cooked into your menu items. We provide two different flavours.

The Melty One – an alternative for traditional mozzarella. Creamy, mild, and a dairy-free replacement that you can simply switch into traditionally dairy-based dishes.

The Smoky One – contains subtle hints of woodsmoke, making it ideal for providing extra flavour notes.

We will soon be available from other food service wholesalers, but currently our range is exclusively available directly from us. Get in touch to enquire, and receive a sample.