Leading Brighton’s Raw Food Dining Scene

Purezza is proud to stand behind the idea of Inclusive Eating. That means that we cater for everyone. Whether you’re raw vegan or a meat lover, we promise that you’ll enjoy your meal at Purezza and that you’ll find plenty on the menu to satisfy you.

Our raw food menu is no exception here. We’ve worked hard to design a raw menu with plenty of options, all of which are of exceptional quality, and includes dishes that are designed and prepared by some of the very best chefs in the global raw food scene.

Making raw food dining simple

We know that vegan dining isn’t always easy, and that gluten-free diners can be left out with most restaurants. That’s why our menu is entirely plant-based, and the majority of it is gluten-free too. However, raw eating can often be even more difficult.

We’ve developed a substantial raw menu with options to take you from starter through to dessert.

raw food brighton
We’re proud to offer a full range of raw food dishes at Purezza, designed by some of the best raw chefs in the world.

Raw courses at Purezza

To start, try the Salmon Else – to recreate the flavours from the sea we use smoked and marinated carrot strips instead of salmon, served on linseed crackers with our houseblend raw cream cheese.

When moving onto a main try some of our raw pasta dishes, such as our butternut squash Fettucine or our Courgetti Spaghetti. If you want to join the pizza lovers, we have a Raw Pizza available using a millet and butternut squash base.

Pair your main with a Garden Bowl salad, or share the artisanal raw Cheese Board with your friends which includes several different cashew-based matured cheeses and a chia jam.

Finish your meal with a decadent raw Tiramisu, complete with a date and almond base, a layer of smoothly blended rich cashew cream, and finished with cold-brew coffee.

Try a raw meal

Raw eating can make you feel energised and vibrant thanks to powerful enzymes that get destroyed in the cooking process. Whether you’re strictly raw vegan or not, the raw experience at Purezza is one you’ll remember. We are proud to offer dishes that you’ll love, regardless of your diet.