Cash-Free For February

We’re doing an experiment this February: we’re going cash-free. Currently, over 90% of our payments are cashless anyway. Over the last month we’ve asked a random sample of cash paying customers whether they would be happy to pay on card in future and 100% of them said yes.

We see this as a step that will have positive knock-on effects to your restaurant experience – faster payments and therefore better service. We’re also a restaurant that wants only the best experiences for our staff, and this will allow us to strip away tedious and time-consuming tasks like counting the float and cashing up at the end of the day, allowing them to focus on the work they love doing – serving you.

This will also help us strip away unnecessary costs which we can then use to continue to buy in only the highest quality ingredients – something that’s become a challenge with the recent rising costs of raw ingredients.

We can also reduce the risks and threats to our staff of armed robbery – something we’re conscious of after our Brighton branch experienced a break-in last year.

Hygiene is paramount and handling cash is not ideal when promoting a heathly dining environment. By going cashless, we can avoid potential cross contamination.

Finally, something never sat right for us after the polymer bank notes were introduced. Ultimately, cash is not vegan, and we’ve always felt uneasy about processing it within the restaurants.

We’ll still continue to take payments through contactless, debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. We welcome any feedback throughout the month.