Let's talk about our Carbon Footprint


Responsible Recycling Zero Landfill

Our Recycling partners around the UK, including Recorra and Albion Waste, help us to achieve our Zero To Landfill objectives.

We are able to keep our waste to a minimum, by using fresh produce ordered only when required. Any supplementary food we recycle, with the help of our partners, is turned into renewable energy, helping to achieve 25MW of green electricity for the national grid nationwide.

We recycle the majority of our other waste, including our paper, aluminium, cardboard and glass to reduce our reliance on general waste, which is also turned back into green energy for the national grid.


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Converting our Cooking Oil

We work closely with Olleco to turn our used oils into biodiesel, from something that would otherwise go to waste. It makes the oils we use one of the greenest possible alternatives to fossil fuels because they cannot be recycled into food supply chains, due to the food safety risks they pose.

Creating biodiesel delivers an 88% carbon saving compared to fossil diesel


Renewable Green Energy

Our partner in green energy provides us with electricity that is 100% renewable; from solar, wind and hydro – from small solar farms to big off-shore wind sites.

We use electricity where possible throughout all our restaurants and production facilities. Our kitchen equipment including our extraction and ventilation systems is demand driven, allowing us to consume less energy when the restaurant is less busy.

Where gas is needed – thats 100% carbon neutral too.



100% Animal-Free Plant Proud

Our relationship with animals goes as far as our volunteering work at animal shelters. As a plant-based restaurant, we only serve vegan food; this has the smallest carbon footprint of all food groups, generating a whooping 41.7 percent smaller volume of greenhouse gases than meat alone.

51 per cent of worldwide greenhouse-gas emissions can be attributed to animal agriculture, specifically to cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats, camels and pigs which are raised and killed for food.

At Purezza, we aim to replicate traditional Italian cuisine, allowing you to enjoy the same food tastes, with significantly less emissions.


No Single-Use Plastics

Our takeaway packaging is made from either cardboard or sugarcane pulp, which is a fibrous material left behind in the sugarcane harvesting process.

In our day to day operation, we look to use eco alternatives to anything that is plastic, including paper straws and biodegradable bags. By cutting out our single-use plastic consumption, it allows us to minimise our emissions and wastage.


Supporting Local Communities

In partnership with our customers, we regularly donate to amazing charities across the UK. Our carefully chosen projects not only allow give back to the planet, but to the amazing animals and people behind them too. We not only make financial donations, we also donate our time where possible.

Most recently we have worked closely with FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary, Sea Shepard and Together Co, and we have made frequent food donations to community organisations and public services.


Ethically Constructing

We’ve meticulously built every inch of our restaurants with sustainability in mind.

From plaster on the walls to up-cycled lamp-shades, to our tables, which are be made with wood, stone, or terrazzo – all of which are fashioned from recycled materials. All the wood we use in our restaurants is exclusively reclaimed.

Where possible, we aim to reuse aspects of the previous occupants. In Bristol we exposed the tile wall from a very old Butchers and in Brighton & Manchester, showcasing the original brickwork.

Don’t forget to look down! Our banquet seats are made with innovative plant-based leather, crafted using recycled plastic bottles.

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We think about the Finer Details

It’s those things that can easily get missed. From our soap, to our toilet paper. From our coffee cups, to our range of milks. From the paint we use, to the breweries we work with. From our napkins, to our uniforms. We ensure that sustainability runs throughout the breadth and depth of Purezza.