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The finest slice in the Northern Quarter.

75-77 High Street, Manchester, M4 1FS


Coming Soon... Vegan Brunch

Our brand new brunch menu launches in Manchester shortly, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve come up with.

We’re currently trialling our brunch menu at other sites around the UK, but it won’t be long until we’ll be ready to launch in Manchester. Getting excited? You can check the menu here.

We’ll be making fresh sourdough loaves everyday at Purezza Manchester. And we know that no breakfast is complete without plenty of coffee – that’s why you get free unlimited filter coffee with any purchase from the brunch menu.

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Still no beach but here's VEGAN PIZZA

Ian Brown famously said that “Manchester has everything but a beach”. Ian might have forgotten that it was lacking a truly sustainable plant-based pizzeria… until now.

Don’t worry, Ian, we’ve got it covered. Purezza Manchester brings sustainable Neapolitan dining to the city centre. We can’t do much about the beach, but you’ll love what we are bringing to Manchester.

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FAQ Manchester

Purezza Manchester


Purezza Manchester opened in Summer 2021, it was our most eco-friendly project to date, and we’ve meticulously built every inch of it with sustainability in mind.

The plaster on the walls is made from sustainable clay and we’ve only used up-cycled lamp-shades, with ultra sustainable lighting. All electricity in the restaurant is from renewable electricity sources – from solar, wind and hydro only

When you grab a seat in Manchester, you’ll sit yourself down at one of our tables, which will be made with wood, stone, or terrazzo – all of which are fashioned from recycled and reclaimed materials. But don’t forget the seat itself! These are made with innovative plant-based leather, crafted using recycled plastic bottles.