A look at Inclusive Eating

We hold very high standards when it comes to catering for people with dietary allergens and restrictions. Purezza was born in 2015 of a frustration with the lack of quality plant-based and dairy-free Italian menus available in the UK, so we inherently understand the challenges that you face with a limited diet.

One of our core philosophies is what we call Inclusive Eating: the idea that everyone should be able to enjoy a full meal at Purezza. As a result…

  • We are a vegan restaurant that has no meat, dairy, fish or eggs on our premises.
  • Nearly every dish on our entire menu is gluten free or available as a gluten free option.
  • Major allergens like soya and nuts are only used sparingly in certain dishes.
  • Unlike many plant-based cheeses, Mozzarella 2.0 is nut and soya free.
  • We have separate cooking facilities and allergen-free areas for preparing certain dishes.
  • Our staff are extremely highly trained on allergens and will be happy to guide you through the menu.
  • We are happy to help put together your dream pizza with toppings of your choice, avoiding any allergens you may have.