Cook pizza at Home

Cook up some classics and serve Purezza at home.
Purezza recipe book on a shelf

Purezza Vegan Pizza is packed with over 70 incredible plant-based recipes including detailed recipes on how to make your own pizza sourdough, a variety of vegan cheeses, and award-winning recipes such as the National Pizza of the Year 2018, The Parmigiana Party. This book will define your vegan cooking journey in 2020.

Put together by Purezza’s owners, Stefania Evangelisti and Tim Barclay, as well as multi-award winning Neapolitan pizza chef Filippo Rosato, this book enables you to take the formula from Purezza’s winning restaurant into your own kitchen and craft pizzas, pasta dishes, desserts and more that’ll wow your friends and family.

Every single recipe is vegan, soya-free, and either gluten-free by default or can be made gluten-free. We have also included a full guide on the kit you need to turn your kitchen at home into a space fit for a professional pizzaiolo.

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