Gluten? Doughn't need it Gluten Free

Award winning gluten free sourdough and a huge range of gluten free sides and desserts makes eating gluten free easy at Purezza.
chef sprinking nutritional yeast onto a gluten free pizza

Try our pizza gluten free

Brighton’s Biggest Range of Gluten-Free Pizza

Inclusive Eating is at the heart of everything we do at Purezza. Whether you’re raw vegan or a die-hard carnivore, we’ve got food that’ll make you smile. Gluten-free diners are no exception to this, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that we cater extensively to anyone who’s avoiding gluten.

Our full gluten-free pizza range

We offer gluten-free bases that can accommodate any pizza in our range. In addition, our toppings are all gluten-free (except for the optional seitan slices) meaning that the entire pizza menu can be made without gluten providing the base is swapped.

Our ‘meats’ are made using our own pea protein recipe – whilst standard vegan and plant-based meats are based on a seitan recipe (which is packed with gluten), we’ve reinvented the wheel when it comes to vegan meats and developed our own recipe using pea protein.

Other gluten-free dishes

In addition to the pizzas, many of our dishes come gluten-free as standard.

The majority of the menu can be made gluten-free optionally. Our garlic bread can be served with a gluten-free base. We can do gluten-free chocolate calzones and gluten-free Chocolate Pizzas for dessert too.

The future of gluten-free at Purezza

In addition to our current options, we are working on developing a vegan and gluten-free sourdough. Stay tuned for more.

Coming soon to Purezza… We upgrading our current gluten free base to sourdough!

Eating gluten-free with Purezza

With inclusive eating being at the core of what we do, we will always ensure gluten-free diners are catered for and aim to maintain at least 90% of our menu as gluten-free or with gluten-free variants.

It’s always worth informing your server if you are strictly gluten-free due to intolerances or coeliac disease and they will take the utmost care to ensure no cross contamination takes place.

We look forward to seeing you for some tasty gluten-free eats at Purezza soon!