Gluten? Doughn't need it Gluten Free

Award winning gluten free sourdough and a huge range of gluten free sides and desserts makes eating gluten free easy at Purezza.
chef sprinking nutritional yeast onto a gluten free pizza

Try our pizza gluten free

At Purezza we’ve worked over the years to ensure that our menu is as inclusive as possible. In a nutshell, we think that everyone should be able to enjoy great pizza regardless of allergies and dietary restrictions. That means no more nutshells, and it also means ensuring plentiful gluten free options.

In fact, 98% of our menu is gluten free or optionally gluten free. Most dishes are gluten free by default, and easy tweaks mean we can turn most of the menu gluten free without any compromise on flavour.

Okay okay, but do you do gluten free pizza?

You’re not here to hear us waffle (gluten-free waffle, that is) on about the wider menu. What about the pizza?

We’ve developed our own gluten free dough, called Freedom Dough. This careful blend of a variety of flours creates a gluten free sourdough that rivals our regular dough – in fact, most people can’t taste the difference. Gorgeously soft, a little chewy, and perfectly fluffy.

All pizzas come with gluten free toppings as standard, so it’s simply a case of switching our regular wholegrain sourdough base for the gluten free variant – the pizza is yours to enjoy, with no compromise.

This is available in Brighton, Hove, Bristol, Camden, and Manchester.