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Purezza Vegan Foodservice Cheese

What makes our cheese special?

Purezza, Europe’s first 100% vegan pizzeria launched in 2015, redefining plant-based Italian cuisine. Faced with the challenge of poor vegan cheese, we took matters into our own hands, developing a vegan cheese of our own. Learn more about our story here.

Over the past 8 years, our dedicated team has meticulously refined a collection of vegan cheeses that would make any Italian proud. Crafted with aquafaba, our ‘Mozzella’ and ‘Stracciazza’ authentically replicate the taste, texture, and melt of traditional dairy mozzarella.

Having now served over a million pizzas and delighted countless customers nationwide, we couldn’t keep these vegan cheeses to ourselves any longer.

Our ‘Mozzella’ and ‘Stracciazza’ are available for foodservice and wholesale. Trusted by esteemed establishments like Soho House and Everyman Cinemas, our vegan cheeses are ready to elevate your menus.

Check out the information below regarding Purezza’s foodservice wholesale vegan cheese, and order yourself a sample using our contact form or email at the bottom of the page.

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Grated Mozzella

Our grated Mozzella is an alternative to traditional mozzarella.
We’ve finally developed a much sought after chilled version!
Designed to work in pizza ovens – simply top as you would traditional mozzarella and enjoy!

Purezza's grated Mozzella - Mozzarella Alternative

Creamy Stracciazza

100% Allergen free, our aquafaba based Stracciazza tastes as creamy and delicious as traditional stracciatella.

This was created to finish off pizza with a creamy delicious texture to rival burrata.

However it also works cooked – so try it both ways and see which you prefer!

Purezza's Stracciazza Cheese

Plant-Based Pepperoni

A pea protein, 100% allergen free pepperoni with all the same taste, texture, bite and enjoyment!

It’s a classic reinvented. Zero Allergens – Zero Animal.
ALL the taste, texture, flavour & enjoyment.

Hands down the best seller in our restaurants time after time, now available for you to buy yourselves!

Vegan Pepperoni Pizza by Purezza

Introducing La Fauxmagerie

We are very excited to announce Purezza have recently merged with La Fauxmagerie and will now be looking after the sales of their incredible plant-based cheeses in both Food Service and Retail.

In 2019 Founders Charlotte and Rachel Stevens opened the UK’s first plant-based cheesemonger in Brixton, London – showcasing the best cheeses the market had to offer.

Now available in Planet Organic, Waitrose and multiple health food stores up and down the country, get in touch if you would like to find out more about their range.

La Fauxmagerie Logo

Meet The Range La Fauxmagerie

Balham Blue:-
Inspired by dairy’s Shropshire Blue. Beautifully coated and veined with Penicillium Roqueforti mould, its fragrant blue notes are balanced with vibrant annatto and sweet potato to deliver a mellow, smooth blue cheese experience.

Shoreditch Smoked:-
A tangy, savoury cheddar style almond cheese with a slight crumble and a hint of applewood smokiness.

This faux-camembert is coated in a delicious white bloom rind and boasts a creamy, gooey texture with a rich white truffle flavour.

Brick Lane Bree:-
A faux-bree coated in a delicious white bloom rind; creamy, gooey and melty!

Brixton Blue:-
Brixton Blue is a tangy, piquant almond-based blue cheese, aged with authentic blue mould. The perfect treat for blue cheese fans!

A handmade, burrata style fauxmage with an irresistibly creamy centre; perfect for salads, pizzas and enjoying with vegan charcuterie.

Fondue au Fauxmage:-
A rich and cheesy plant-based fondue laced with dry white wine and a kick of garlic.

Rhonda Red:
A tangy, savoury almond-based cheese with a vibrant colour. This cheese is a delicious alternative to dairy Red Leicester, and named by our founders who hail from the Rhondda Valley.

Clapton Chive
A tangy, savoury almond cheese with bold garlic notes and fresh herbs. This cheese is a delicious alternative to a Double Gloucester or Boursin, that we love to spread on crackers and toasted bread.

La Fauxmagerie Cheeses

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