Vegan Cheese Sponsor National Pizza Awards 2023

Purezza Vegan Stracciatella


If you’re reading this then HUGE congratulations on being chosen as a finalist at the national pizza awards 2023!

As the official cheese sponsor of the Vegan round, we’ve got some samples of our products on their way to you.

here’s a little more info below

National Pizza Awards 2023

National Pizza Awards

What makes our cheese special?

In 2015 Purezza launched Europe’s first 100% vegan pizzeria – to show just how tasty plant-based Italian food can be.

We had a problem though… The vegan cheese on the market was letting us down.

So we decided to develop our own.

Over the last 8 years we’ve worked tirelessly perfecting a range of vegan cheeses which Italians would be proud of. Giving the taste, texture and melt of dairy mozzarella – but made from plants.

Our aquafaba based ‘Mozzella’ and ‘Stracciazza’ have been enjoyed on over 1 million pizzas, and served to thousands of customers up and down the country.

Our cheeses are now being used by fantastic customers including Soho House, Everyman Cinema’s and many more.

Best vegan restaurant mozzella vegan cheese

Melty Mozzella

Our Mozzella is an alternative to traditional mozzarella, available in block form or grated

This can but cut into rounds, Napoli style, strips or however you choose.

Designed to work in pizza ovens – simply top as you would traditional mozzarella and enjoy!

Purezza Vegan Mozzella Block

Creamy Stracciazza

100% Allergen free, our aquafaba based Stracciazza tastes as creamy and delicious as traditional stracciatella.

This was created to finish off pizza with a creamy delicious texture to rival burrata.

However it also works cooked – so try it both ways and see which you prefer!

Purezza's Stracciazza Cheese

Plant-Based Pepperoni

A pea protein, 100% allergen free pepperoni with all the same taste, texture, bite and enjoyment!

We’ll be showcasing this at the Pizza Awards so come along to our stand and give it a try – if you want samples let us know!

Vegan Pepperoni Pizza by Purezza

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