Campaign Awards Winner – Project Plant


In October of 2021, we got involved in Project Plant. This Samsung-run initiative showcased a possible future for the world of food. One where all the food is plant-based, grown in hydroponic urban farming centres, and powered by connected technology that enables us to grow foods of all varieties in city centres.

To showcase the various foods grown at Project Plant, we were on-hand to prepare plant-based pizzas with them. Attendees could pick their own vegetables from the farming pods, and bring them to us where we’d prepare one of our groundbreaking vegan pizzas, complete with our multi award-winning vegan mozzarella.

Now an award-winning project

Project Plant was an experiment in doing food better, and an exploration as to how we might solve multiple problems around our current unsustainable food production system.

We’re delighted to announce that the efforts have been awarded Best B2C Experience from Campaign Magazine. We’re hugely thankful to our partners – Exposure who put this together, Green Labs who developed the hydroponic farm itself, and Samsung whose connected technology ensured that the system worked effectively and who led the campaign.

This was the UK’s first farm-to-table pizzeria ever, and we’re delighted that it’s pushed the agenda on sustainable food systems that bit further.