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The Meet Feast


Mighty meety

Launching today at every Purezza, here’s our latest pizza. The Meet Feast is topped with salami, mince, crumbled sausages, porketta, and our latest invention – our very own spicy Pepper Jack vegan cheese.

purezza meet feast

This one’s a real showcase of food innovation, with the latest and greatest plant protein meat alternatives. Pretty cool, eh? But that’s not even the best thing about this pizza…

Let’s Meet Again

As a result of the pandemic, loneliness has never been more prevalent in the UK. Many of us haven’t seen family for over a year, and have faced extended periods of isolation.

That’s why 100% of the profits of The Meet Feast are going to the Together Collective, a Brighton & Hove based charity tackling loneliness and social isolation in all forms. In addition to offering local befriending services, they’re sharing their bank of knowledge and 20 years of experience to help develop other charities and projects which focus on ending loneliness.

Connection. Compassion. Crusts. That’s the power of planet-saving pizza.

Rolling out at all Purezzas today.